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Calm Sea

Welcome to dorseteco

if we all make swaps in our lives to more eco friendly products

together we will make a difference

Photo - Studland Beach, Dorset 

The eco friendly products available from dorseteco have been chosen as they are either;

~ Sustainable products - such as made from fast growing bamboo, or coconut,

~ Biodegradable & compostable products - will break down in your home compost, rather than sitting in landfill for100's of years,

~ Built to last a lifetime - Elephant box stainless steel products 
Check out the links below to view all the lovely plastic free products and zero waste products we have available.

Kitchen Essentials

Biodegradable, Sustainable and Compostable

By choosing biodegradable/compostable products, or those made from sustainable resources it all helps to reduce our impact on the planet. We can use items such as beeswax wraps instead of cling film and foil, compostable sponges, coconut washing up scourers and dishbrushes.  Also check out products such as our bamboo toothbrushes and recyclable electric toothbrush heads in our dental and beauty section.

Mixed range of eco friendly cleaning products
Elephant Box stainless steel round food containers

Elephant Box

Stunning Stainless Steel Lunch & Storage Boxes

Made from food grade Stainless Steel the Elephant Box sustainable living products are built to last a lifetime. Various shapes and sizes of these eco friendly products are available for every budget and every occasion.  Easy clean in the dishwasher or by hand, they come up sparkling new everytime.  A truly versatile plastic free product range for food in your larder, fridge or freezer or on the go.

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