dorseteco origin

A Green Journey

My inspiration for dorseteco was to simply encourage other like minded individuals to change their habits to more sustainable/eco friendly ones.  I am no expert myself but I'm loving making these changes and constantly finding new ones in my own life.  I believe that together we will make a difference.  Let us together change consumer trends for a better future. I have chosen a range of products of the highest quality which are either recycled, sustainable, compostable or biodegradable.  Lowering my own and others impacts on the planet.

There are various ways to purchase from dorseteco, either online, face to face at local events, or from the Purbeck Artisan Yard in Wareham.  People get a thrill from feeling that they are doing their bit for the environment and I love being part of those journeys. 

Thanks for visiting dorseteco, if we can help in anyway please get in touch by one of the methods on the contact page.