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Elephant Box clip n seal No6 lunchbox

Elephant Box clip n seal No6 lunchbox


This 1.9litre lunchbox has a removeable divider so you can decide exactly what you want to put where.

It can be used in your store cupboard, freezer, fridge or on the go.  Simply write on it with a marker pen.  You can even buy additional dividers if you want to seperate your contents further.

It can go straight into the oven to reheat your leftovers too.


    Premium 304 grade brushed stainless steel - strong durable and highly rust resistant.

    Stacks & nests easily - taking up less room in your cupboard

    Includes removable divider

    Won't stain or carry odours like plastic

    Easy to clean & dishwasher safe - comes up sparkling every time

    Oven & freezer safe

    100% plastic free - no toxins and chemicals

    Responsibly made in South Korea

  • Size

    Capacity   1900 ml

    Weight      634 g

    Size           L 253 mm x W 185 mm x H 75 mm

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