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In this section we'll tell you what's new, what's been happening and all about new eco products that have been added to our range.

Dorseteco - Eco friendly home products at Dorchester Market

Update from business owner Sarah

Amazingly its March already and we're busy booking into all the events and fairs coming up in Dorset for this year.  We're really pleased to be entering our 3rd year of trading and still absolutely love being able to provide a service to the lovely customers of Dorset who are interested in being eco conscious and concerned to be producing less waste and therefore helping our planet.

We attended the Spring trade fair in February and met lots of great new suppliers so we've been busy placing orders for lots of new products to bring to market for you all to enjoy.  Watch this space for more details as the various orders start to arrive.

I was fortunate enough to have a holiday earlier this year but was heartbroken by one of the visits we made to a beach in Thailand (yes I did offset my carbon costs by contributing to a tree planting initiative).  On first inspection it was a little piece of paradise, but as we sat in the bar enjoying a cold fresh beer, we noticed there was some litter on the beach, once we focussed on it, it was truly heartbreaking to see the extent of the problem, this seemingly beautiful spot was totally littered, we walked along the beach and there was so much rubbish that had all washed in.  It made me realise my little mission is not so much about global warming as it is about reducing the rubbish I produce or my life produces which in turn has an affect on the planet. My small changes will have an impact but just think what we can achieve on an accumulative level.  My motivation is about using less and therefore producing less waste, which will have more impact if we all makes changes.  I know it needs the backing of the governments and large organisations but we have to be personally responsible for what we allow in our own lives and buying the right products that can be home composted or will break down does make a difference.

Thank you all for your support to date, and hope you love the new products for this season.   Sarah

Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 14.11.13.png

This photo doesn't really do it justice but gives an example of what we found further along the beach,.

Sea Turtles need us to live more sustainably and use eco friendly products

Not quite sure what to buy, how about an eGift voucher instead?

The lucky recipient then gets to choose exactly which eco products they would like for themselves.

Eco Friendly Products Gift Voucher

Brushd Products great for eco friendly dental health

The recyclable electric toothbrush heads from Brushd continue to be one of our best selling items.                                    Priced at below that of standard replacements from your high street chemists and available for                                        both Oral B and Philips Sonicare they are the perfect alternative to the standard replacements.                                                There is a bag inside the packaging which means you simply return the used product to Brushd and they recycle every single part of the product!  

Many of us are encouraged by our dentists to use an interdental brush as part of our daily dental routine, so why not swap to a little bamboo brush instead of the standard plastic ones. In a range of sizes from 0.4mm to 1.00mm these are the perfect alternative to all of those little plastic sticks we've all been using and throwing into landfill! Not sure which size you need there is a trial pack with one of each size in it for the same price as the normal packs that way you can try them out and then order the best size for your dental routine.

Dorseteco Brushd eco friendly bamboo brushes

Web order delivery charges have been reduced

Lots of customers have been enjoying our free delivery so don't miss out.

When buying from Dorseteco you have various options.  If you're local we'll deliver to you free of charge, by local we mean within a 15 mile radius of Winterborne Whitechurch, simply choose local collection at the checkout.

Orders up to £10 there is a very low postage cost of £2.50.

Orders between £10 and £25 just a £5.00 postage cost and all orders over £25 attract our new Free postage rate.

What's not to love, with our very reasonable postage and delivery rates.

If all that is too much to take in, simply send us an email and we can confirm the cost that your order will qualify for.  Many thanks.

We have however decided to only ship to UK customers, apologies for all those American and European friends who love our products!

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