At Dorseteco we’ve been keeping an eye on the current news about eco friendly products, including eco awareness days and events, and we came across this little beauty! What a great concept to ask people not to do something! Who doesn’t like a little break from the norm every now and then. We’re all programmed to keep our gardens looking tidy and presentable but what about the wildlife? All you’re being asked to do is not to mow your lawn for the month of May this will then leave your lawn to grow lots of wildflowers and other pollinators needed for our insects to thrive and our bees to enjoy. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden with sections as I am I’ve just dedicated one area to the cause, every little bit helps. That way I have the best of both worlds the tidy mown bit to keep the hubby happy and the wild bit to help wildlife and to satisfy my own agenda of being more in tune with the world around me and not just caught up in the stresses of the rat race of life!

So let’s give it a go, simply stop mowing and see what grows, watch the butterflies, bees, birds and small mammals enjoying a little bit of paradise in your garden. We may be a little behind the curve as the scheme started on 1st May but it’s not too late to start now. You can even take part in the ‘Every Plant Counts’ at the end of May and see your lawns personal nectar score, how cool is that. The programme was launched on 29th April 2022 and hopes to become an annual event in peoples lives.

You may have seen last year that many councils were leaving verges to go wild and farmers are encouraged to leave some fields to turn into wildflower meadows it all helps to protect the nature around us that we all need for our survival. Did you know a 3 acre farm meadow can produce 9 million flowers, which in turn produces enough nectar to support ½ million bees every single day, that’s incredible. Our little gardens will not quite have that impact but accumulatively we can really make a difference.

If you want to know more click here

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Updated: Apr 4

Earlier in the season I had the privilege to take a lovely trip down to Devon, I was visiting the Weaver Green showroom, in the Heron Valley. The staff were extremely welcoming and I was able to get my hands on all of their ever evolving range to add products to my lovely eco friendly range of products for the home. All of the Weaver Green products are made from recycled plastic bottles, a fantastic use of all of those bottles that otherwise would have ended up in landfill or in our Oceans!

What made me decide to stock Weaver Green in the first place? Well I was exploring the various eco friendly products on the market and came across these, I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing so had to get my hands on them to check out the quality. I fell in love with the products and just love the fact that they have found a use for just some of those waste plastic bottles in the world. They have now as a company recycled over 170 million bottles - how awesome is that! I get many compliments on the comprehensive range that I stock now including some of the smaller rugs up to the 180cm x 120cm rugs and the 240cm x 70cm runners.

At all the events I do the expression on peoples faces of disbelief when they read the sign saying "made from 100% recycled plastic bottles" is certainly a conversation starter. These products make people smile and people love the fact that they are helping the planet in some small way to combat the single use plastic issue (their beautiful rug or blanket has turned a singl

e use item into an item that will last and be enjoyed for years). The products are not only hard wearing, machine washable, dust, mite and UV resistent but they look and feel like wool and linen. As you can tell I just love them!

This picture shows the Polperro striped rugs, a great high quality, hard wearing, machine washable rug perfect for use in the bedroom or bathroom. I love these and have some on their way to me now so that I can share them with you at my forthcoming events.

On my visit I was also able to top up my Diamond Blankets, Herringbone Blankets and Oxford Stripe Blanket stocks so that I will have some of each colour and weave for my customers to see in the flesh.

With the help of some lovely new photos I've managed to update my website for all the blankets and throws that we have available, each one now has some additional photos to show the individual colours in all their glory.

Dorseteco range of Weaver Green blankets

I couldn't resist the new range of Madras Cushions to compliment the very popular Madras Check throws that I already sell so here's a picture of them as a sneak preview, make room on your sofa or bed they're on their way!

So all you eco conscious individuals if you're ever in the Kingsbridge area make time for a cuppa and a browse around the Weaver Green showroom and cafe, a lovely experience to enjoy with friends and family a visit is highly recommended.

Check our Weaver Green page on the website, or come and visit us at one of our forthcoming markets or events. Markets are; weekly on Wednesdays in Dorchester, 1st Saturday of the month Westbourne, 2nd Sunday of the month Weymouth, 1st Friday of the month (starting April) Swanage. We'll be at the Spring Countryside Show at the Turnpike Showground in Shaftesbury 23rd and 24th April, plus lots of other events booked in across the year keep an eye on our events page for more information.

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Updated: Mar 13

Hello I'm Sarah and I am the owner of Dorseteco, I'm writing to introduce myself and to tell you a bit about my lovely little company and how it all started.

My inspiration came whilst visiting my daughter in Canada in 2018 we went into a store called 'The Bear Minimum', it was a small store full of innovative sustainable products such as reusable sandwich bags, beeswax wraps, top up body products, sustainable clothing, metal and bamboo drinking straws, I loved it, it had a great hippy type vibe and was manned totally by volunteers who had a vested interest in doing something for the planet. I'd never paid any attention to these types of products before but I loved them. It just made sense. I started thinking that such a shop made it easy for people to buy the right products; either compostable, biodegradable or sustainable, products that weren't full of single use plastics!. The cogs were turning and I wanted to come up with a way to make that facility available in Dorset. I wanted to make it easy for like minded people like me who wanted to change their habits and to do what I could to encourage others to buy better products for themselves and our planet. If we all make small changes it will have an accumulative effect. I decided to do this by attending the county market and local events around Dorset and the surrounding counties. Dorseteco was created in September 2019. We had a great run up to Christmas and then in early 2020 guess what we went into lockdown! We restarted April 2021 and we're very pleased to say growing from strength to strength.

I love this quote, it quite clearly makes you think, that we ALL need to act not to sit back and expect others to do it for us.

Eco Friendly Products for the home

My search started by looking for products that I felt would be easy swaps. It's made me think about various aspects of my personal buying habits and those that I could easily change. My first change was to stop using green scourers they're full of plastic (that had never occurred to me!), a second light bulb moment for me was the ladies disposable razors I'd never thought to buy a real razor I was programmed to buy a pack of 6 razors that I'd use a couple of times and then throw away, well not anymore. I have a lovely bamboo razor and I simply change the recyclable stainless steel blade when it needs to be changed. I buy products that I would personally like to use and I try everything out so that I can honestly compare products and their properties against each other. I've always been a bit too honest, so if I don't like it or it doesn't work well it doesn't get into the range. It amazes me how my product range changes, evolves and progresses, I started with about 20 products and I now have over 200 to choose from.

Become more Eco Conscious

You don't have to be an activist, vegan or eco warrior to make changes to your habits that will help with the plastic crisis that we've created as humans. I went to a talk last year and the lady started by saying plastic is a fantastic product and she's not wrong, the problem is how we dispose of it!

Its really easy to start to make small changes, try 2 days a week with no meat, change your dishcloth to a compostable one, use a wooden dishbrush, choose a stunning stainless steel lunchbox not a plastic one, use a coconut bowl (a byproduct from the coconut oil industry) they're stunning and I guarantee every time you use one it will make you smile! These are just a couple of suggestions, you'll see from our product range what else can easily be swapped.

So to start your eco journey or if you're just simply interested in helping our planet - check out our product pages for some inspiration.