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Welcome to dorseteco

if we all make swaps in our lives to more eco friendly products

together we will make a difference

The eco friendly products available from dorseteco have been chosen as they are either;

~ Sustainable products - such as made from fast growing bamboo, or coconut,

~ Biodegradable & compostable products - will break down in your home compost, rather than sitting in landfill for100's of years,

~ Built to last a lifetime - Elephant box stainless steel products or

~ Products made from recycled plastic bottles - Weaver Green blankets, throws and rugs. 
Check out the links below to view all the lovely plastic free products and zero waste products we have available.

Household Essentials

Biodegradable, Sustainable and Compostable

By choosing biodegradable/compostable products, or those made from sustainable resources it all helps to reduce our impact on the planet. We can use items such as beeswax wraps instead of cling film and foil, compostable sponges, bamboo washing up scourers and bamboo toothbrushes, our choices will all help to make a difference.

Dorset Eco friendly Product Selection
Dorseteco and Weaver Green eco friendly blanket

Weaver Green

Beautiful fabrics made entirely out of

recycled plastic bottles

Hand woven eco friendly fabrics that make beautiful statement pieces for your home or garden.  We stock the Weaver Green blankets, throws and rugs all available in

stunning colours and designs. 

These sustainable home goods save thousands of plastic bottles from ending up in landfill or in our oceans; 

what's not to love....?!

Elephant Box

Stunning Stainless Steel Lunch & Storage Boxes

Made from food grade Stainless Steel the Elephant Box sustainable living products are built to last a lifetime. Various shapes and sizes of these eco friendly products are available for every budget and every occasion.  Easy clean in the dishwasher or by hand, they come up sparkling new everytime.  A truly versatile plastic free product range for food in your larder, fridge or freezer or on the go.

Dorseteco eco friendly home goods
Glass Jars with Plants

About dorseteco

My aim is simply to encourage other like minded individuals to swap to more eco friendly alternative products in their lives.  It's just a case of changing some of our habits, and thinking about things before automatically buying the same old stuff. I believe all changes will help to improve our impact on the environment


The plastics issue is enormous and can feel daunting, so it is impossible to try and change everything at once. But if we all try and do our bit to go plastic free, our accumulative affect will have an impact. Believe me it makes you feel better to at least be contributing to a better future.


Some suggestions that are easy to achieve:

  • Use a refillable water bottle to stop buying water on the go (most outlets will now happily refill your water bottle for you). See our range of Elephant Box water bottles and Insulated Thermos flasks.

  • Use compostable alternatives such as our eco friendly washing up sponges, or eco coconut scourers.

  • Take reusable tote bags or shopping bags with you to the supermarket or support your local market and buy direct from the suppliers.

  • Use a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one, we have soft, medium and hard in the adult bamboo toothbrushes and we have a soft child's bamboo toothbrush, fully compostable after use.

  • Use wooden or stainless pegs rather than plastic, and reusable razors rather than disposable ones. This was an item that I didn't really think about but many ladies will be in the habit of buying disposable razors and there really is no need, a good quality razor with a changeable blade makes a massive difference.

  • Use beeswax wraps instead of cling film, foil or sandwich bags. Beeswax wraps make a very versatile alternative for covering leftovers, or storing cheese in the fridge or freezer. If that's a habit you really can't break we now do a range of compostable bio film and freezer bags.

  • Use refill stations for your body wash, shampoo and laundry detergents, as well as dry pastas, nuts, spices and seeds.  Swap to shampoo bars instead of liquid.


If we all make these types of changes we will collectively be reducing the amount of single use plastic in our lives.


If you are able to aim even higher all the better, lobby local businesses for them to make a difference too. We’ve chosen a range of products that are both sustainable and affordable that we consider are great eco alternatives, we hope you agree.

Choose to stop adding to the pollution and become part of the zero waste solution! Together we will make a difference.

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